Woodland management

With over 40 years experience in woodland management throughout the UK we are able to offer the following range of services:


  • Woodland planning and management (the cost of preparing a plan will be partially offset by support under the new Countryside Stewardship scheme options if you are eligible - and most woodland owners are likely to be)
  • Woodland planting and establishment
  • Guidance and applications for funding under the new Countryside Stewardship woodland options including PLANT HEALTH support for replanting following a verified outbreak of ASH DIEBACK
  • Advice regarding any remaining ("legacy") Forestry Commission England Woodland Grant Schemes (the "EWGS")
  • Harvesting and marketing of all woodland produce
  • Engaging and supervising experienced contractors on your behalf, or guiding your own staff to deliver some or all of the work programme
  • Our mapping software also means we can work with your existing estate maps, revising them and returning them to you in digital format

CLIMATE CHANGE: as managers in the tree and woodland industries we need to take informed decisions about how changes in temperatures and rainfall may affect trees we plant today; we are fortunate that the Forestry Commission researchers are constantly reviewing guidance to help create resilient urban and rural forests of the future; their website containing a host of useful information on a range of species be accessed by clicking  the link below:

Choosing resilient tree species

And finally, a picture says a thousand words; the slideshow below gives an insight into just a small selection of the works we have been involved with over the years.
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